The Brand

Eminent clothing designer Preeti Chandra brings us her new venture, Preeti Chandra Jewels. With its superb diamonds, pioneering craftsmanship and innovative designs, this high-end jewellery brand is an extention of the artistic vision that helped her build a multinational clothing business renowned both in India and abroad.

Preeti Chandra Jewels is a brand built on the passion to create extraordinary jewellery that celebrates every woman’s beauty. This luxury label produces exquisite collections that are crafted with the most exclusive compositions of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds of exceptional quality. It uses the finest gems and 18 karat gold for its discerning clients. Each piece is put together with master craftsmanship that guarantees durability.

Preeti combines centuries-old artistic and cultural traditions with a New World of visions and dreams. Her process of creation is full of subtleties and the precision and attention to detail shines in her collections.

The essence of Preeti Chandra Jewels is a subtle combination of femininity, refinement and daring elegance. Her designs are every-changing and carry a timeless appeal in today's world.